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Saturday, April 14, 2007


SWZ is a man of many trades; He's a self-taught cartoonist/illustrator, painter, web designer, musician and more.

With the Electrocutionerdz project, he toured around Canada and the U.S.A. Electrocutionerdz can be described as MIDI-core / cybergrind music if labels can be applied at all. The brutal adventure is now officially"dead", but the whole catalog is available for free (please make a donation) at

The upcoming project he's working on is Dis(10)Pütes, a d-beat band composed of members and ex-members from Dahmer, Mesrine, Electrocutionerdz, Hands of Death, Nourriture, Victims of Corruption, Dis-Eased, Fistfuck, Thinkshit, The Toilet and more (read my previous post about it).

On Retinal Overdrive you can see his excellent artworks for sale and some videos.

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