Stuff from Quebec City, Canada

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I did'nt vote !

After all I said yesterday, I did'nt vote...

I left my job so quickly yesterday that I forgot my wallet on my desk. I realized just before the bus arrived that my wallet was far away (and my cell phone too). I felt naked without my wallet. Thoughts of being-run-over-by-a-car-and-ending-as-an-amnesic-John-Doe-at-the-hospital floated in my mind.

I was shocked this morning to learn that you only need your voter's card that Election Canada sends by mail to vote. Many of my co-workers voted without any ID. Next election, I'll go around the neighbourhood and collect cards to vote many times.

No need to worry, we still live in a "democracy"...

Monday, January 23, 2006

Election day in Canada

It's the federal elections today in Canada. We're still living in a "democracy", but not for long if you don't vote. Please visit Elections Canada's web site if you need help.

There's not a single good reason not to vote. At least go to cancel your vote !!!

Soirées Québec 84

I'm not into 80's music, but a dear friend is holding an event at Gallerie Rouje next friday (Jan. 27th at 21h00, 4$). The event is Québec 84, a night filled with rock, pop, alternative and francophone music from the 80's. Dj Lo and Dj Zézette are the hosts for the night. Dress very lightly, the Galerie Rouje feels like being in an oven with all those crazy peoples dancing.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Photos moved to Flickr !

I've transfered the photos I had on to Flickr ! Have a look at

Monday, January 09, 2006

Dystopia Update 4

If you're a big Cyberpunk fan like me, you'll love Dystopia. It's an Half-Life 2 team-oriented multiplayer mod that was created by a bunch of cool Aussies. It's a very fast paced game with cool graphics and a very different gameplay compared to other FPS. You can play in Cyberspace or Meatspace and both worlds have an effect on the other. The community is great and the game simply kick arse. It's free if you own HL2. Have a look at the website at or download the update 4 at You can see a trailer of the game here.