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Saturday, April 08, 2006

An other crazy birthday party !

I haven't slept in more than 32 hours, so I don't know how the post will be like...

We have a tradition with my friends, we sometime like to kidnap each other on our birthdays. Yesterday (well, still today for me), the LaTourelle Orkestra (5 members) entered my workplace and I was with two colleagues. They played Bubamara (Black Cat White Cat) for us. After the song they gave me a note telling that a car was waiting for me. The band followed me while playing like if I was in an Emir Kusturica movie. We embarked in a Dodge Caravan mini van that a friend was driving and they continued to play in the car. The trumpetist was all squished in the back and still managed to play. We went from the Parc industriel Jean Talon nord to the Salons d'Edgard. It was like having a live radio in the mini van. The band was still playing when I entered the Salons. I don't like to be the center of attention, so to tell you that I was embarrased would be an understatement . I took a shooter of vodka with the musicians. I know the staff and they are good friends. Everybody was laughing and wishing me happy birthday. I was then told that we would eat at the Clocher Penché and the band followed me from the Salons to the Clocher Penché. I thought about running, it would have been funny to be chased by the band with pursuit music (I should have done it). On the way there was some peoples in the street claping and dancing and even honking. They played a last song in front of a mystified/amused audience at the Cloché Penché. Originaly, my friend planed to have the band follow me in the bus trip home, imagine that !

I had a nice and delicious supper with very dear friends and then we went to a big party that a friend was hosting at his flat (it was his birthday on Tuesday). At some point, there was actually someone body surfing on the small dancing crowd. I managed to catch the last call at the Sacrilège and went back to the then finished party. There was no more time to sleep, so I took a taxi and went to work directly. Yes, I worked, I know it's crazy, but don't worry I was completely sober and in good shape considering all that happened during the night.

Now, I'm completely burnt/incinerated/cremated and I have some serious ZZZs to catch up.

What a great birthday party !

So long, and thanks for all the fun.

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