Stuff from Quebec City, Canada

Monday, May 28, 2007

Ouèbe musique on CKRL FM 89,1

Starting Sunday, June 10th at 10 pm, I will be hosting a radio show on CKRL FM 89,1. The name of the show is Ouèbe musique and I will be presenting music that is available for free on the series of tubes that internet is. For the residents of Quebec City, simply tune-in to 89.1 FM. You can also catch the show via the main site of CKRL FM 89,1, just click on the (((CKRL en direct))) button at the top right corner of the page.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival

Damn, I wish I was living in Montreal... The Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival has a wicked line-up, I will try to attend to what I can.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Melvins + Koenjihyakkei (高円寺百景) @ FIMAV 2007

Finally, the 2007 edition of the FIMAV is launched. I came back at 4:00 am this morning from Victoriaville and going back for more tonight.

I saw two shows; Melvins and Koenjihyakkei (高円寺百景). The Melvins were all right, but they didn't really do it for me. It was more a nostalgic moment for me, it reminded me some parties back when I was in Australia. They began and finished the show with was an excruciatingly long soundtrack (no musicians on the stage). They played as tough they were in a bubble, not once they tried to make contact with the crowd in from of them. The public seemed to like the show, there was a small mosh pit and I even saw a guy doing some body surfing once.

I was completely blown away by Keonjihyakkei (高円寺百景) ! I didn't knew them at all, what a great find. I don't know how to describe their sound; furious, melodic, precise, jazzy, proggy, funny, profound, aerial... It was a shock and awe moment for me, probably one of the best show I saw (and I saw a lot). They where very generous with the public; Kengo Sakamoto (bass) and Tatsuya Yoshida (drums) made a point to present their songs even if they had a very limited english. Being a true Japanese, Yamamoto Kyoko (voice) photographed the crowd and also the band in front of the crowd :-). It was the first time they played outside of Japan and I'm sure Victoriaville will leave them a very good impression. Here's a link of a video of them playing in the studio of WFMU.